We recently released a new series, “GO.” Our goal for this series is to help kids understand and know that it’s our job to go out into the world and share the love of Jesus. Through this series, the kids will travel with Paul and Barnabas during their first missionary journey. It’s a great way to introduce the concept of missions to the next generation.

Project Playground
Working on the playground in Sierra Leone

Here’s a confession. Until this past January (2017) I had never been on a missions trip in a foreign country. That changed, however, when Matt invited me to travel with his team to Sierra Leone in West Africa. Matt is part of the Equip KidMin leadership team. You’ll see him in most of our Equip KidMin videos, and he’s a huge part of the creative process. Matt also created a missions’ organization called Maximizing Children’s Ministry International (MCM).

One of the coolest things that Matt does as part of this ministry is Project Playground. His ministry disassembles playgrounds in the US and ships them to third world countries. The team was visiting Sierra Leone to install three playgrounds. I had no idea how many doors God would open during those ten days. To put it simply: it was incredible!

Sierra Leone is a country that’s around 90% Muslim. The country was ravaged for decades by a brutal civil war and Ebola. The UN ranked Sierra Leone 179 on its Human Development Index. That was 179 out 188 countries. This country is truly a forgotten country.

The people, though, were wonderful to us and the playgrounds paved the way for us to minister. We received incredible access to a local village called Mamankee. It had no electricity or running water and was 100% Muslim. In conjunction with a local pastor, we were able to show the Jesus Film and over 100 people accepted Christ, including an Imam.

We also had the opportunity to train over forty children’s ministry workers. The pastor told us that he believed it was the first children’s ministry conference in Sierra Leone. In conjunction with Equip KidMin’s one-for-one program, we also gave away curriculum to a number of churches. MCM also provided ten “children’s church in a box” units that were used to plant ten children’s churches among the churches represented. These boxes gave them everything they would need to begin a children’s church.

Children's Conference
Matt teaching leaders in Sierra Leone

While in Sierra Leone we worked Pastor Gregory Bangura. God has used his church to reach out to both community leaders, and members of local villages. The local Islamic leaders made a deal with Pastor Bangura. They would take the adults, and Pastor Bangura could have the kids. Needless to say, he took that deal. His goal is to plant children’s churches across Sierra Leone in order to change the future of his country.

Watching the kids play on the playgrounds was a true joy. Most of these kids had never slid on a slide or climbed monkey bars. Their faces lit up as the rushed up the steps to slide again. It was such a blessing to know that these playgrounds were going to minister to kids for years to come.

That’s why the one-for-one program is so important to us at Equip KidMin. We believe in reaching the next generation, not just here in the US but around the world. Whenever we sell a series, we give one to a church in the developing world. Thank you for being part of helping us to share the love of Jesus with so many kids. If you haven’t check out the “GO” series yet, take a look. It helped us encourage our children to get excited about sharing Jesus.


Check out this video from our “GO” series about the playground





Written by Dwayne Riner. Dwayne is the head writer for Equip KidMin curriculum, he has been in children’s ministry for over two decades.








Our series “GO” is a great tool to teach your kids about missions. These lessons will grab your kids’ attention as the see God at work both in Paul’s time and right now in Africa. You’ll receive editable lessons for nursery, preschool, and elementary along with videos, coloring sheets, take-home bookmark, graphics, more. All of this for only $50. Click here to “GO!”


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