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Classroom Management

Turning a Meltdown into a Breakthrough

  Meltdowns. The arch nemesis of a Children’s Ministry service. We’ve all seen them. We’ve all heard them. We all know them. But why do they happen? And why do…


Equip KidMin in Africa

We recently released a new series, “GO.” Our goal for this series is to help kids understand and know that it’s our job to go out into the world and…

Walt Disney

A Lesson Learned From the Mouse

  A couple of years ago our staff read the book Lessons from the Mouse. In fact, almost our entire church has read the book. The author, Dennis Snow, spent…


Get Volunteers Trained and Serving

In the world of kidmin, volunteers are our lifeline.  We live and die on our volunteers. There are so many pieces to navigate with our volunteers…recruiting, training, communication, follow-up, building…

Big Events

3 Tips to Create an Impactful KidMin Missions Event

  This week we released our newest curriculum series, GO. It’s a series that takes kids along on the first missionary journey of Paul and Barnabas. Along the way, the…


Sweet, Sweet Summertime

Summer time.  What comes to your mind…lazy mornings? long days? peaceful nights Whatever images or feelings “summer” conjures up for us, there is often a pause somewhere in the summer…


How I Created a VBS That Worked

  Vacation Bible School can be one of your best outreaches of the year. You can make great contacts with the community, build relationships with the kids in your church,…


Which Presentation Software Should I Use?

  A few weeks ago Equip KidMin went to the Assemblies of God Kidmin Conference in Ft. Wayne, IN. We had a great time connecting with some wonderful children’s ministry…


Defining Leadership for Kids in 2 Steps

  Gathered in a small room, a group of 4th graders sat eager to get started learning about leadership. As I asked them what it meant to be a leader,…

Big Events VBS

Simplify VBS Check-in

  Ahh, the lazy days of summer…SUMMER!? What does that mean to Children’s Ministry?  Vacation Bible School or Kids Camp! Our Equip KidMin lead writer, Dwayne, experienced the pain of VBS check-in…